Every purchase serves a good cause.

Everything starts with your purchase. For every shoe bought, we donate 5 EURO to the SOS Children's Villages in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Every child needs an environment in which they can develop safely and feel protected and accepted. Help us give these children a better future.

SOS Children's Villages.

Together with SOS Children's Villages, the donation will be used to fund various programs to support children and families affected by poverty in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

With the donation you are giving children:

- a home and a family
- healthcare and education
- a new perspective

Long-term help.

Time, patience, care and individual support: our goal is to enable disadvantaged children and families to have a better future with long-term support.

Your donation counts.

With the donation you are giving orphaned children in need of help a new home, food, medical care, education and vocational training as well as social and psychological care.

Short story to think about..


Once upon a time there was an old man who went for a walk every morning Sea beach made. One day he saw a little boy who carefully picked up something and threw it into the sea.

He called, “Good morning. What are you doing? ”

The boy straightened up and replied,“ I'm throwing starfish back into the sea. It's low tide and the sun is beating down. If I don't, they'll die. ”

“ But, young man, ” replied the old man,“ you realize that there are kilometers of beaches here. And there are starfish everywhere. You can't possibly save everyone, that doesn't make any sense. ”

The boy listened politely, bent down, picked up a starfish and threw it into the sea with a smile:

“But it makes sense for this one!”