On-demand production

Are you wondering what on-demand production actually is in contrast to traditional shopping? It's our pleasure to explain the difference to you.

On-demand shopping

• Lower prices  • No overproduction  • Good for the environment  • Responsible shopping

Traditional shopping

• High and unpredictable pricing • Overproduction • Harmful for the environment • Increased/wasted stock

Made specially for you.


Our PRE-SALE concept.

By ordering in advance, you help us plan the procurement of materials. No excess quantities of materials are purchased that will not be used later. With a pre-sale deal, you wait a little longer, but you also save up to 30% on the new collection and help protect the environment.

On-demand production.

With the on-demand production concept, there is no mass production and no keeping stock of items that will end up just collecting dust at the end of the season. Every single pair is specially made to order and delivered to the customer in approx. 3-4 weeks.

Early bird discount.

A constantly growing collection - to ensure that there is something for everyone, a new model in different versions comes onto the market every few months. The new models stay on pre-sale for about a month. During this month, we procure the materials and manufacture the shoes for you. Early-birds buy at the lowest price and save 30%!