Shoe care


To care for suede, it is best to use a cleaning brush designed for suede to keep its original appearance. Then, a suede-nubuck spray is recommended, either in black or neutral, depending on the shoe color. Before applying the spray, it is important to remove all dirt with the brush, then use the spray to refresh the color and protect the shoe from moisture. Keep the spray bottle at a 25 cm distance while applying, and make sure the shoes are well dried before wearing them.


Regularly care for smooth leather shoes with cream and impregnation spray, as this will keep the leather flexible. Before applying the leather cream, it is always necessary to clean the shoe well with a cloth or a brush.

IMPORTANT! Shoes should never be washed in the washing machine! Shoes damaged in the washer are no longer covered by the warranty. Also, leather footwear owners must keep in mind that leather is a natural material that requires maintenance to stay in good condition. Daily wear and exposure to the weather constantly depletes the leather. As a result, the leather loses its flexibility and firmness, while dirt accumulates in the pores, which is why proper care is very important. Leather shoes need to be thoroughly cleaned every 2-3 weeks.


The rubber sole is one of the easies soles to maintain, as it is resistant to external influences and moisture. Clean with a damp cloth and keep in mind not to dry iton a radiator or directly in the sun.


The EVA sole is a soft, flexible rubber with high abrasion resistance and is easy to clean with wet wipes or warm water and a sponge.


The leather sole is specific and the most demanding to maintain due to its natural characteristics. It needs to be tended with balm care every 2 weeks, whether worn in the sun or rain. After contact with moisture, it is very important todry the shoes well before the next wear, because if the sole is not protected and dried, there will be "blooming" of the leather layers from which the entire sole is made.